What We Offer
In a Nutshell

We go on tour with 1, 2, 3 or 4 guests. Our van is big enough for 6 so if you want to book for more than 4 people, please contact us. We prefer small groups or individuals so we can focus on your photography and personalise the tour to your preferences.
We are very happy to pick you up at any location in central Auckland. Please advise your accommodation / preferred pick up location when booking our tour (or anytime before the tour if you don’t know yet).
Alternatively, we can pick you up at corner Tyler Street / Commerce Street, next to Bus stop D14, Britomart, Auckland CBD

Month Start Time Approx. End
January 13:30 21:30
February 13:00 21:00
March 12:30 20:30
April 11:00 / 12:15 19:00 / 20:15
May 10:30 18:30
June 10:15 18:15
July 10:30 18:30
August 11:00 19:00
September 11:15 19:15
October 12:30 20:30
November 13:00 21:00
December 13:30 21:30

We start the tour approximately 6.5 hours before sunset so the tour starts at different times throughout the year. The table lists the starting times but we will also advise them when we confirm the booking. We bring you back to central Auckland (to where we picked you up) approximately 90 minutes after sunset but if the sky is clear and the Milky Way comes up, we can stay longer if you like.

The table to the right shows the times for each month of the year.

The tour includes rain forest with an abundance of tree ferns, mosses, vines, trees (from small to really large), streams and waterfalls with the opportunity to take long exposure shots and a coastline with cliffs, rockpools and our black sanded beaches.

We have photographers of all levels of experience on our tour and Kai, the tour guide is more than happy to share all his knowledge about photography with you and to work with you to get the best photos.
Our tour van is air conditioned and we carry a number of mounts to fix your GoPro (compatible) camera on the outside for videos or time lapse recordings.
We include a sandwich per person, water, a selection of soft drinks, muesli bars and – of course – chocolate in our tour price. Please do let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.


What To Bring
This Is What You’ll Need


  1. Your Camera Be sure to pack enough memory cards and charged batteries! And of course all the other gear you expect to use during the tour, eg. GPS, tripod, filters, flash etc.
  2. Raingear for yourself and your camera equipment. Auckland enjoys a maritime climate between two oceans, so there really is no telling, whether the blue morning skies will last us all day.
  3. Warm Clothes and hiking boots. At least we strongly suggest to bring them, since you will be walking a fair bit. We mentioned the Auckland weather, didn’t we?
  4. Sun Protection Our advice: Bring a hat, sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen. Even if it rains cats and dogs during sunrise. Did we mention the weather?


Hiking In The Ranges
Be Sure To Possess The Neccessary Fitness


elevation kauri forest track

Elevation profile of the Kauri Forest track.

Total hiking time during the tour can reach up to 2 or 3 hours in total, with stops and drives to the next location in between. The tracks we are using are well maintained and partly boardwalks, however the ground may be slippery at times. We will traverse hilly areas and the Kauri forest walk includes a 150m ascend over a distance of 1km. We may have to cross a small sandy stream on the beach. The water will not go higher than your shins but may be cold in winter time.

The tour ends after sunset and we will walk back to the tour van during dusk or even darkness. While we will provide strong headlights for everyone, please ensure you are comfortable walking on the beach or on a track under such conditions.


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